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Well prepared for exam

The content of the course gave really good context of the important information required to pass the foundations exam. The simulation exams were bang on. I was scoring in 90's for each randomly generated test and I scored 90% on the certificate exam. There is no interaction with the mobile app, but was a good supplement to listen to while walking/driving to reiterate the lesson.

All in all, I was able to ace the certification with about 3-4 weeks of effort.

Trusted Customer

Great value for the reasonable price. I have passed exams easily.

Bogdana Prybysh
Posted on Tuesday, 28th November 2023 09:30
Unlocking success: The value of ITIL® 4 for project management professionals
Project management professionals play a crucial role in driving successful initiatives within organisations. ITIL® 4 provides a best practice framework for these individuals to help elevate their skills and project outcomes.
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
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Posted on Tuesday, 21st November 2023 09:30
The top five areas to upskill for ITSM professional growth
As we’ve shown in two of our most recent blogs, there are many professional skills and technical abilities an individual needs to possess to succeed in the IT service management (ITSM) industry. But if all ITSM professionals possess these skills, how do you stand out from the competition?
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
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Posted on Tuesday, 14th November 2023 09:30
Valuable technical skills for progression in the IT service management industry
There is a growing demand for IT service management (ITSM) professionals across multiple industries as organisations strive to bring themselves into the digital age. To achieve these positions and remain competitive in the job market, individuals need to continuously enhance their technical knowledge and skills.
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
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Posted on Tuesday, 7th November 2023 08:43
The importance of professional skills in the IT service management industry
The role of an IT service management (ITSM) professional can be demanding, they are often tasked with ensuring the seamless operation of technology services, resolving complex issues, and meeting customer’s high expectations.
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
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Posted on Wednesday, 11th October 2023 09:30
Exploring key characteristics of high velocity environments and how ITIL® 4 can help
Designed for those involved in IT service delivery or digital transformation projects, the ITIL® 4 High Velocity IT course is part of the ITIL 4 Managing Professional designation. But what is a high velocity environment, and how can ITIL 4 help you to build one in your organisation?
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
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Posted on Wednesday, 4th October 2023 09:30
Strategies for achieving governance, compliance and risk management with ITIL® 4
A recent statistic from Gitnux states that 36% of organisations plan to increase investment in risk management and compliance in the next 2 years. One way to channel this investment is educating employees in ITIL® 4.
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
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