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Posted on Monday, 30th November 2020 16:53
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
How to promote your ITIL Certification

So, you’ve studied hard, working to gain ITIL Certification. Well, as well as being equipped with a professional approach to service delivery, there is a lot to be gained from promoting your qualification. It will differentiate you against the competition, strengthen your reputation, and instill a sense of trust with new and existing clients and connections.

So how do you go about promoting your ITIL certification?

Once qualified with us at ITIL Training you will receive a downloadable certificate. You can also apply for a digital badge by becoming a My AXELOS subscriber.

Below we have listed four key ways to promote your certification. (Whilst shouting it from the rooftops hasn’t made our list, we don't discourage it!) We recommended you promote your new certification in all of these ways, for a well-rounded, consistent approach. And why not? You have worked hard to earn these bragging rights.

1. Add the qualification to your curriculum vitae

Professionals are all too guilty of hiding the details of their training and qualifications within the work experience or employment history section of their resume; or worse still, under the heading of ‘other’ at the bottom of the page. For a qualification as widely recognised and valued in the industry as the ITIL certification, it is well worth mentioning that you are ITIL certified in your professional summary or profile at the top of the page.

You can then highlight the qualification again within your employment experience section, perhaps detailing one or more of the key benefits you have gained in your role since becoming qualified. This might be your ability to manage change more effectively, or benefitting from improved communication through a common language. It is also important to feature your ITIL certification under the header of achievements or qualifications.

2. Boast about ITIL on LinkedIn

Becoming ITIL certified is sure to have you beaming with pride. But whilst you may post about your triumph on Facebook where your friends and family are sure to share in your joy and happiness; creating a post on LinkedIn is where your celebration can really count for something.

Posting about your certification on LinkedIn involves bragging appropriately - there is a fine art to this! You must strike a balance between educating those who may not know much about ITIL certification and its importance, whilst also sharing relevant personal experience so that your post doesn’t read like an advert. Justify your boasting by using relevant information that highlights the worth of the certification. For example that 82% of IT professionals agree that ITIL brings value to their organisation. The use of statistics can have great impact.

In much the same way as with your CV, when promoting your ITIL certification on LinkedIn be sure to draw attention to it by keeping it prominent on your page. You may wish to state that you are ITIL certified within your ‘About’ section, which is essentially an executive summary of professional you. You can then also highlight the post under the heading of ‘featured’. This is where you can showcase any key posts or media, and is a great way of pinning your certification to the top of your page.

Whilst you’re there, be sure to connect with us on our ILX LinkedIn page.

3. Instill trust in every email

Promoting your certification is just as important for your current position as it is for new career prospects. ITIL qualification builds your reputation, showing that you value best practice, whilst also instilling trust in you as an individual and in your organisation.

For this reason, we recommend displaying your ITIL certification digital badge within your email signature. A small logo version of the badge can be downloaded for this use. It’s unintrusive to your email, but serves as a subtle reminder of your prowess. It is an ideal way to take credit for your achievements. Be sure to hyperlink the image so that anyone who clicks it can see verification of your qualification on AXELOS.

4. Display ITIL certification on your website

Likewise, displaying your ITIL certification badge on your website can build up your reputation to site visitors who may be new or existing contacts. It is a great way of strengthening trust through quality assurance. Afterall, the ITIL qualification demonstrates that your company values improving efficiency and effectiveness.

In terms of evidencing this on your company website, your digital badge is perfect for embedding in your header or footer. But you may also wish to write a blog post about what becoming certified means to you as a company. You can then mention the qualification, and link to the blog post, on pages where it is relevant - for example on your ‘about us’ or ‘services’ pages.

To find out more about becoming ITIL certified then browse our courses, or get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our expert team.