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Have used ILX Group many times over the years for training. Not only are their prices competitive, but their online self-paced learning is thorough and the simulated practise exams prepare you really well for the real thing.

Patrick Mamo
Helped Pass ITIL4 Foundation Certification in first attempt with 95% score.

ITIL4 Foundation online course was very useful to help me pass the ITIL4 Foundation exam in first attempt. Pass Pledge feature is very good as it allows free second attempt and serves as a comfort factor. I didn't have to use Pass Pledge though as I passed the exam in first attempt with score of 95%.

Patrick Mamo
Posted on Tuesday, 21st November 2023 09:30
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
The top five areas to upskill for ITSM professional growth

As we’ve shown in two of our most recent blogs, there are many professional skills and technical abilities an individual needs to possess to succeed in the IT service management (ITSM) industry. But if all ITSM professionals possess these skills, how do you stand out from the competition?

In this blog, we will explore the top five areas we’d recommend for an ITSM professional looking to upskill.

1. Project management and agile

Many ITSM initiatives involve projects. Project management provides a structured framework for planning, managing, and closing projects, ensuring these initiatives are delivered on time, within budget and meet the desired outcomes. In tandem with this, agile methodologies introduce a flexible and iterative approach to project execution. Embracing these approaches will help ensure a consistent delivery of successful ITSM projects.

2. Change management

Change is constant in the dynamic world of IT, as a result understanding change management practices and being able to implement them effectively is paramount. Having this knowledge, allows ITSM professionals to anticipate and address resistance to change, fostering a smoother integration of new technologies and processes.

3. DevOps

DevOps combines development and operations, it emphasises collaboration, communication, and automation. For ITSM professionals, embracing DevOps practices enables a more seamless integration of these two sectors, fostering a culture of cross-functional teamwork, which helps to deliver higher-quality IT services.

4. Data analytics

As IT environments generate vast amounts of data, ITSM professionals with an expertise in data analytics can leverage this information to gain valuable insights. This allows them to make informed decisions, identify patterns and proactively address issues before they impact service delivery. By harnessing analytical tools, individuals can measure the effectiveness of IT services, track key performance indicators, and demonstrate the tangible impact of ITSM initiatives on business outcomes.

5. Cybersecurity

In an era that is rife with cyber threats, having a solid understanding of cybersecurity principles allows ITSM professionals to implement robust security measures which safeguards critical data, secures communication channels, and fortifies IT infrastructure against cyber-attacks. As IT services often involve handling sensitive user and organisational information this knowledge is crucial.

How can I start training?

Looking to upskill in one of the areas detailed in this blog, visit our ILX Group website where we have a wealth of different courses available.

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