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Posted on Tuesday, 1st August 2023 09:30
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
How can ITIL® 4 and Lean be combined to maximise IT efficiency?

As the IT landscape becomes more complex, keeping pace with changing customer demands quickly and efficiently can be a real challenge. Combining multiple best practice approaches can be one way to do this.

While the concepts of ITIL® 4 and Lean may appear different on the surface, they share many similar ideals. Integrating the two can help organisations and individuals to meet goals and improve their service delivery capabilities.

What are the similarities and differences between ITIL® 4 and Lean?

ITIL 4 and Lean have different principles and areas of focus. Lean is focused on improving the efficiency of production processes and reducing waste. Whereas ITIL 4 provides a more holistic framework for IT service management which encompasses key concepts from Agile, DevOps and Lean methodologies.

As a result, the two do have similarities and crossover. Both prioritise delivering value to customers, improving efficiency, and promoting continuous improvement.

How do the two compliment each other?

When combined, individuals and/or teams with an understanding of ITIL 4 and Lean will gain skills in:

  • Agility and flexibility: Both approaches can help organisations become more agile and responsive to changing customer demands and market conditions, and adapt IT services accordingly
  • Customer value: The focus placed on value in both Lean and ITIL 4 can ensure IT investments and efforts are directly contributing to customer satisfaction and business objectives
  • Efficiency and waste reduction: Applying the ITIL 4 practices to Lean’s focus on eliminating waste will help an organisation to optimise their IT operations, reduce costs and improve service delivery
  • Measurement and monitoring: Lean and ITIL 4 both recognise the importance of measuring and monitoring performance to drive improvement and gain better insights into the effectiveness of their IT services
  • And more…

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