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Repeat Customer

Have used ILX Group many times over the years for training. Not only are their prices competitive, but their online self-paced learning is thorough and the simulated practise exams prepare you really well for the real thing.

Patrick Mamo
Well prepared for exam

The content of the course gave really good context of the important information required to pass the foundations exam. The simulation exams were bang on. I was scoring in 90's for each randomly generated test and I scored 90% on the certificate exam. There is no interaction with the mobile app, but was a good supplement to listen to while walking/driving to reiterate the lesson.

All in all, I was able to ace the certification with about 3-4 weeks of effort.

Trusted Customer
Posted on Tuesday, 17th September 2019 10:36
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
ITIL business relationship management

Business relationship management provides a strong, positive connection between the client and the IT service provider. This relationship can’t be undervalued. As such, many organisations employ a dedicated Business Relationship Manager. But how exactly do they deliver this service to clients?

What is a business relationship manager?

The Business Relationship Manager (BRM) anticipates current and future customer needs. Essentially, the BRM ensures the IT services are suitable and effective from the customer’s point of view.

This involves liaising with the strategic business partners: IT, finance, HR, marketing, legal, etc. Doing this strengthens the long-term relationship between the client and the IT service provider.

What does a business relationship manager do?

The role has a wide scope since it’s an IT service provider’s primary way to maintain the relationship with its clients. It’s a proactive role, rather than a firefighting one. The BRM heads off complaints and issues, acting as the point of contact.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a positive relationship with customers
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Ensuring the service provider can meet their needs with the catalogue of services
  • Assisting in creating new services if needed
  • Offering a neutral third party between the service provider and customer outside of the service desk and operations management
  • Engaging with internal risk and regulatory governing bodies like the Change Advisory Board
  • Assisting the development of customer feedback channels for complaints and compliments
  • Gaining access to proprietary financial management, legal and service management systems
  • Working closely with the Service Level Manager

How to become a business relationship manager

There are two main routes to becoming a BRM:

Earn a degree

Most companies will require a BRM to have secured a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as business, marketing, or finance. This will help you to develop the knowledge needed to pursue a career of this nature.

However, to work as a BRM for an IT service provider, it is also beneficial to have an ITIL® certification alongside your degree. ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value covers business relationship management and focuses on designing, shaping, and improving the customer experience.

Gain relevant experience

To become a BRM majority of professionals will have at least 5-6 years’ experience in a sales, customer service, or similar position. This will allow you to develop the on-the-job experience needed to succeed in this role.

Learn more about the other career paths to progress with an ITIL 4 certification.

What skills do business relationship managers need?

As business relationship manager you need to have a wealth of skills, including:

  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • IT skills and industry knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation skills
  • Organisation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategic thinking
  • And more!

Salary expectations for a business relationship manager

According to ITJobsWatch, the median salary for a business relationship manager in the UK is £52,500, which is significantly above the UK average salary of £34,963.

H2: Get ITIL 4 certified

Training in ITIL 4 Foundation is a great first step towards becoming a BRM, followed by ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value. Book your training now, and then check out our tips to help you pass the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.