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About ITIL
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Patrick Mamo

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Benefits of ITIL

What is ITIL?

ITIL provides a clear focus on the total cost of ownership (TCO), so you can reduce the often costly expenses associated with IT investments. The ITIL framework also gives guidance and structure to your organisation, minimising the likelihood of unscheduled work overtaking and de-railing current tasks and activities. Yet, the broad focus and flexible nature of ITIL allows you to take on new tasks with ease.

Benefits to the business

Successfully implementing ITIL within your organisation means that you will be able to:

  • Take a more professional approach to service delivery, leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Speak a common language, leading to more effective communication across the business
  • Apply ITIL tools to improve company efficiency and effectiveness, leading to a better customer experience
  • Manage change more effectively, leading to better business outcomes
  • Demonstrate an evidence-backed, differentiated, value proposition, leading to more customer wins

ITIL 4 will also enable you to:

  • Experience improved delivery of third-party services
  • Reduce your training costs
  • Get a clearer view of IT costs and assets
  • Increase your ability to manage business risk and service disruption or failure
  • Eliminate redundant work and improve resource utilisation
  • Maintain performance indicators for benchmarking and direction

As an organisation, ITIL will help you to:

Be more efficient and effective
Be more efficient and effective
Deliver better customer experiences
Deliver better customer experiences
Deliver better customer experiences
Deliver better customer experiences
Benefits to the individual

Successfully completing an ITIL qualification means that you will be able to:

  • Apply the tools and techniques you've learnt to your day-to-day job, to increase your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Take ideas back to your workplace to improve the customer experience
  • Reflect on your current practices, get feedback from others and make changes to the way you work
  • Improve communication through ITIL's common language
  • Build your confidence and gain reassurance through the ITIL community
  • Feel confident and secure in ITIL's proven best practices
  • Improve your career outlook with ITIL's evidence-backed 'personal' differentiated value proposition
  • Boost your career prospects by having a globally-recognised, formal qualification on your CV

As an individual, ITIL will help you to:

Be more efficient and effective
Be more efficient and effective
Deliver better customer experiences
Deliver better customer experiences
Be more fulfilled in your career outlook
Be more fulfilled in your career outlook

Why do you need the ITIL certification?

Because ITIL is a 'framework', it is meant to be adapted to balance between theory and business needs. It therefore suits companies across a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, entertainment, technology and life science. ITIL can also be adapted to the size of the company and organisational structure; it can become a true strategic asset to the business it supports - reducing costs, assessing resources and improving customer satisfaction.

Becoming ITIL-certified will make you a valuable resource. It will teach you to understand the language of ITIL - known by professionals worldwide - and will increase your standing in the IT community. ITIL is not about following a rigid set of rules, but instead, is about enabling you to use your common sense to give you an adaptable and flexible framework for managing IT services.

ITIL creates an understanding between IT staff, contractors, suppliers and users within the business, by creating a common approach and language towards IT services.