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Helped Pass ITIL4 Foundation Certification in first attempt with 95% score.

ITIL4 Foundation online course was very useful to help me pass the ITIL4 Foundation exam in first attempt. Pass Pledge feature is very good as it allows free second attempt and serves as a comfort factor. I didn't have to use Pass Pledge though as I passed the exam in first attempt with score of 95%.

Patrick Mamo

Great value for the reasonable price. I have passed exams easily.

Bogdana Prybysh
Posted on Monday, 3rd July 2023 09:30
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
Manage change and improve productivity in your organisation with ITIL® 4: Direct, Plan and Improve

The driving force for learning and development in 33% of organisations this year, according to our research, is the need to increase productivity. Training in ITIL® 4: Direct, Plan and Improve will help IT and digital teams to support and manage change with minimal disruption, and achieve strategic objectives more effectively and efficiently.

What is ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve?

ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve is aimed at digital and IT managers of all levels that are responsible for ensuring service management activities are planned in line with the organisational strategy. It will teach them a practical and strategic method for planning and delivering continual improvement with the necessary agility. It also supports change management and helps them drive and manage organisational change, while minimising disruption.

What will this certification teach me?

This training course will teach you how to:

  • Improve culture through organisational change programmes
  • Use effective communications to build collaborative teams
  • Measure progress through the use of OKRs, CSFs and KPIs
  • Improve governance, compliance and risk management controls
  • Develop continually improving teams and services

What roles could ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve help me excel in?

This certification will benefit you if you work in, or aspire to work in, these types of roles:

  • Capacity Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Information Security
  • Compliance Managers
  • IT Operations Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Service Designers
  • Service Portfolio Managers

Which certifications can you train in with ILX?

We offer training in ITIL 4 Foundation, which is the prerequisite certification for the other five modules that comprise the ITIL 4 Managing Professional and ITIL 4 Strategic Leader designations. You can certify in these modules individually or collectively to achieve one or both designations.

To become an ITIL 4 Managing Professional, you will need to complete:

  • ITIL 4: Create, Deliver and Support
  • ITIL 4: Drive Stakeholder Value
  • ITIL 4: High-velocity IT
  • ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve

To become an ITIL 4 Strategic Leader, you will need to complete:

  • ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve
  • ITIL 4: Digital and IT Strategy

This certification is the only one that can be taken to achieve both designations. So, if you become a Managing Professional, you then only need to certify in ITIL 4: Digital and IT Strategy to also become a Strategic Leader.

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