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Repeat Customer

Have used ILX Group many times over the years for training. Not only are their prices competitive, but their online self-paced learning is thorough and the simulated practise exams prepare you really well for the real thing.

Patrick Mamo
Well prepared for exam

The content of the course gave really good context of the important information required to pass the foundations exam. The simulation exams were bang on. I was scoring in 90's for each randomly generated test and I scored 90% on the certificate exam. There is no interaction with the mobile app, but was a good supplement to listen to while walking/driving to reiterate the lesson.

All in all, I was able to ace the certification with about 3-4 weeks of effort.

Trusted Customer
Posted on Wednesday, 11th October 2023 09:30
Submitted by ILX Marketing Team
Exploring key characteristics of high velocity environments and how ITIL® 4 can help

Designed for those involved in IT service delivery or digital transformation projects, the ITIL® 4 High Velocity IT course is part of the ITIL 4 Managing Professional designation. But what is a high velocity environment, and how can ITIL 4 help you to build one in your organisation?

What is a high velocity environment?

A high velocity environment is described as an organisational state in which the use of digital technology and IT capabilities enables the organisation to respond quickly to changes and deliver valuable products or services to customers.

Some of the characteristics often found in a high velocity environment include:

  • High levels of agility are demonstrated allowing teams to quickly adjust strategies, processes and resources to meet evolving customer demands and market conditions
  • Innovation, creativity and continuous learning are encouraged
  • Digital transformation is embraced with digital tools and platforms leveraged to help teams achieve their goals
  • Customer needs and expectations are at the forefront of decision making, with customer feedback used to shape products, services and strategies
  • Data and analytics are relied upon to help make informed decisions
  • Agile, Lean and DevOps principles are adopted to help streamline operations, eliminate waste, improve efficiency and optimise resource allocation
  • Security and regulation compliance is never compromised for the sake of speed

How can you use ITIL 4 to turn your organisation into a high velocity environment?

By applying ITIL 4 principles and practices in a strategic and tailored manner, organisations can create a high velocity environment that enables them to adapt, innovate and deliver value to customers in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

And some of the steps an organisation can take to achieve this are:

  • Step 1: Ensure all team members and relevant stakeholders are trained in or have an understanding of ITIL 4 principles
  • Step 2: Assess the current state of your IT service production. Ask yourself, is your organisation currently displaying any of the characteristics of a high velocity environment? What are the main areas you would like to improve?
  • Step 3: Define clear objectives for the future, establishing clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurable metrics for success
  • Step 4: Use the ITIL 4 service value chain framework to start designing, developing and delivering services more efficiently
  • Step 5: Understand that the journey to a high velocity environment is iterative, and may involve multiple phases with continuous progress assessments and strategy adjustments needed

How can ILX support you?

If you’re looking to create a high velocity environment in your workplace ITIL 4 training is the perfect place to start. For more information contact our customer service team or book your training here to start learning.